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There are many ATM-related crimes including the most dangerous ones when thugs abduct and torture the victims forcing them to disclose the PIN of their ATM cards. Many times after obtaining the cards and PINs the criminals kill the victims to eliminate witnesses. Then having the cards and the PINs the criminals try to get as much as possible from the victims accounts. Most criminals hide their face (using sunglasses, masks, hats and so on) from the ATM cameras and are able to get away with their crimes.

There is a simple solution to this: the ATM camera will request to clearly see the face of the client: no face no transaction. Every client's face photo will be saved in the ATM's Data Base (DB). Facial recognition technology is pretty common and inexpensive nowadays. Based on the policy* of the bank the face doesn't necessarily have to be "recognized", but just a clear photo has to be saved in the ATM's DB for every transaction. A fingerprint might also be required, so even if the client uses gloves when entering the PIN s/he has to remove the gloves and provide a fingerprint to the fingerprint reader. Again, the fingerprint doesn't necessarily have to be recognized (it's up to the bank's policy*) but it'll be saved in the ATM's DB.

*As for the bank's policy: the card owner should have the option to request that no ATM transaction could be performed without facial (and/or fingerprint) recognition.

This will:

(1) Put many criminals behind bars;

(2) Discourage all non-retarded criminals;

(3) Save many lives and generally avoid many tragedies.

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