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Does Pakistan THREAT MATRIX Target Americans Abroad and in USA

Does the Pakistan THREAT MATRIX Target Americans Abroad and Within the U.S.?


SHORT ANSWER: YES, Consider the following…




THEORY: Given a number of elements, associations, activities, motives, funding, equipment, ideology, and a timeline that comports with attacks against the U.S., I can infer that YES, Pakistan targets Americans in the U.S. and abroad, which seems to correlate well with the implementation of their 2011 Threat Matrix, and use of groups that (relative to them are Proxy warfare Cadres) and relative to the U.S. they are enemy groups and militias deployed across the world as Terrorist Cells, collectives, organizations, and operatives. In support of my theory, I collected (and present below) retrospective information in an effort to test whether “Pakistan guides Proxy groups to attack the U.S. abroad and within our homeland, and test whether this correlates with ambitions that they have set forth within the Planning portion of their Threat Matrix.”


SCOPE: With regard to said theory and (hypothesis I test herein) I enumerate key components, locations, and actors, then placing them on a timeline, and drawing inference, and write to answer the following questions:

1. Does the Pakistani Government's "Threat Matrix" (including kill list) have American names on it, and/or perhaps U.S. local military bases?

2. Does the Haqqani Network act as the proxy arm of the Pakistani ISI and kill Americans?

3. What does this mean both abroad and domestically as Pakistani Terrorist groups and training compounds are now on U.S. soil, and are growing?


PREAMBLE: A strategic gap in the war on terrorism may exist, as a lack of adequately addressing the fact that the Haqqani network has been more important to the development and sustainment of the Taliban, Al-Qa’ida and the global jihad than any other single actor or group because of its strong ties to the Pakistani Government, and it's acceptance and integration of foreign funds and fighters who may then embed in other Extremist Groups in the U.S. As we will see below, I have retrospectively collected information to provide the framework for my (above THEORY), and test this hypothesis, to infer there are many terrorist groups in the U.S. with ties back to Pakistan, and in fact Pakistan plays a role in guiding them.


DESCRIPTION OF THE PAKISTANI THREAT MATRIX WITH KILL LIST: The Pakistan "Threat Matrix" is their version of (our alleged U.S. kill list), and much more. It was created in 2011 near the 10 year anniversary of the 9/11/2001 disaster. The Threat Matrix has five major elements: military; nuclear; terrorism; cyber and economic. The list also identifies their militaries operational priorities which may be contracted out by the Pakistani ISI (who affiliates, trains and supports terrorists groups e.g. Taliban/Haqqani group and others).

PAKISTANI M.O.: I start with a translated quote from Pages 55-56 of the Feb 2012 Pakistani National Defense University, National Strategy Paper, Non-Kinetic Challenges to the State of Pakistan, it states:

“Exploitation by Foreign Actors…India’s increased cooperation with the highly corrupt and puppet government in Afghanistan and opening of consulates along Pak borders has enabled her to intensify the sabotage activities by providing financial support to the anti-state elements and Sardars (tribe leaders). There are sufficient reasons to believe that the Indians have increased their contacts with the sub-nationalists to create unrest in Balochistan with a latent aim of disintegrating Balochistan from Pakistan. Indian Agency ‘RAW’ with material and moral support of CIA and Mossad is also actively engaged in training dissident Balochi elements in Afghanistan.”


PAKISTANI CONCERN: Therefore, Pakistan is Paranoid and believes we are actively helping India, undermining them, and doesn’t like what we have done to stabilize Afghanistan because it excludes them from control, and of course they strive to oppose the West every chance they get.


PAKISTANI REACTION: They have no doubt discussed strategies to “Counter” the perceived U.S. actions in Afghanistan and India.


PAKISTANI PROBLEM: Pakistan does not have financial clout (e.g. GDP Per Capita $9,000), therefore, I believe that Pakistan barters with local territory and allows terrorist to have sanctuaries/refuge in their FATA regions to exert some control and influence into its neighbor country Afghanistan.


PAKISTANI SOLUTION: Starting in 2011, I hypothesize that Pakistani ISI obligated the Haqqani network to start “earning their stay in Pakistani territory,” and thus influenced them to fight locally and abroad, and issued commands/targets related to U.S. positions/locations locally, thus alluding to the Haqqani network being labeled the semi-autonomous military arm of Pakistan, and may extend Pakistani Terrorist Group activity into the U.S. The most important aspect to note about the Haqqani network is that they are willing to work with numerous other Terrorist organizations, and this is how Pakistan has established distant partial-control of some Terrorist activities all over the World (NOTE: I am not attributing omnipotent or devastating gravitas to them by any means).


HAQQANI M.O.: During the end of the Russian war they were emboldened, and they were further influenced by Taliban and Al-Qa’ida, to move from a local Jihad to a Global Jihad, and their current belief is that "jihad is a universally and individually binding duty borne by all Muslims worldwide," to make the World all Muslim in (religion) which is also known as "Global Jihadism," and a World (ruled) by Islamic Government is the "Caliphate."


KEY OBSERVATION: (ONSET OF NEW U.S. THREAT CONDITIONS) I strongly believe that it is no coincidence that we saw Big "sponsored" attacks (shortly after the creation of the Pakistani "Threat Matrix" in 2011) on many of our U.S. assets abroad, including (e.g. our U.S. military base Camp Bastion in Afghanistan September 2012) see "DEPLOYMENT big attacks begin" section below. SPECIFICALLY, I BELIEVE THE ATTACKS WERE LEAD BY THE HAQQANI NETWORK BASED OUT OF PAKISTAN, AND SEEM TO HAVE GROWN IN MAGNITUDE AND COMPLEXITY JUST AFTER THE CREATION OF THE PAKISTANI "THREAT MATRIX."




=>HAQQANI M.O.: During the end of the Russian war they were emboldened, and they were further influenced by Taliban and Al-Qa’ida, to move from a local Jihad to a Global Jihad, and their current belief is that "jihad is a universally and individually binding duty borne by all Muslims worldwide," to make the World all Muslim in (religion) which is also known as "Global Jihadism," and a World (ruled) by Islamic Government is the "Caliphate."


=>PLANNING (ERADICATE WESTERN INFLUENCE IN THE REGION): Haqqani network - The word "Haqqani" comes from Darul Uloom Haqqania, a Madrassa in Pakistan, (and it is also the name of a prominent leader). They are ideologically aligned with the Taliban and work to eradicate Western influence and restructure their Pakistani and Afghani Governments into a strictly Sharia-following state (they were mainly interested in LOCAL Jihad, until they discovered a pathway to train fighters to go abroad and grow their cause). They desire to work with many Islamic nations (Pakistan and Afghanistan are their primary) to systematically plan and execute operations against the Infidels and their associated home countries.


=>ORGANIZING AND TRAINING (VIA PAKISTANI ISI): The Haqqani Network began in the mid-1970's and was TRAINED and fortified via Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), and functioned during the 1980s (as the Mujahideen Army) to fight against the Soviet war in Afghanistan (key members of the core Haqqani group were born in Afghanistan and belong to the Zadran Pashtun tribe). At that time, the Haqqani Network operated on both sides of the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, and has been alleged many times to have carried out attacks for the Pakistani Government (as their covert Proxy militia). The Haqqani group fought alongside the Taliban for years as well (in the mid 1990's Haqqani and Taliban acknowledged that they are now one group "THE TALIBAN").


=>EQUIPING (AND FINANCIAL SUPPORT): Other than equipment, support, uniforms, and raw materials given by the Pakistani Government ISI, the Haqqani/Taliban network also receives funding, new recruits, and targets from wealthy Arab private donors from the Persian Gulf and is strongly associated with Al-Qa’ida who are interest in GLOBAL Jihad, (and is where Osama bin Laden began fighting as well, and is the mechanism by which I believe Osama was Aided and Abeted in Pakistan – [via the Haqqani network]). Locally, they also run a series of front companies selling automobiles and real estate and receive funds from extortion, kidnappings and smuggling operations throughout eastern Afghanistan to buy their supplies, potassium chlorate used in bombs, and other materials for suicide vests, and living expenses.


=>EXERCISES: Beginning in 2009, the Pakistani "Azm-i-Nau exercises" began as continuous drills for years, for the purpose of improving their joint armed forces response to any perceived threats.


=>IMPROVEMENTS: Near the time of the release of the Pakistani "Threat Matrix" covert publication, additional improvements were undertaken to further fortify the Haqqani network including...(see APPENDIX-A & C for other Affiliations).

*IN 2009 HAQQANI GAINED NEW EXPLOSIVES TECHNOLOGY - Sirajuddin Haqqani of the Haqqani/Taliban group told MSNBC in April 2009 that his fighters had, "acquired the modern technology that we were lacking, and we have mastered new and innovative methods of making bombs and explosives."

*THE 2011 HAQQANI TACTICAL BOOK - Late 2011, a 144-page book attributed to Sirajuddin Haqqani began circulating in Afghanistan and Pakistan in Pashto-language with detailed instructions on setting up jihadi cells local and abroad, how to send and receive financing, how to further conduct recruiting and training. The manual advises recruits that parental permission is not necessary for jihad, that all debts should be paid before joining, and that suicide bombings and beheadings are allowed by Islam.



*September 10th 2011: A massive truck bomb exploded outside Combat Outpost Sayed Abad in Wardak province, Afghanistan, killing five Afghans, including four civilians, and wounding 77 U.S. soldiers, 14 Afghan civilians, and three policemen. The Pentagon blamed the Haqqani network for the attack.

*September 12th 2011: US Ambassador Ryan Crocker blamed the Haqqani network for an attack on the US Embassy and nearby NATO bases in Kabul. The attack lasted 19 hours and resulted in the deaths of four police officers and four civilians. 17 civilians and six NATO soldiers were injured. Three coalition soldiers were killed.

*October 2011: Afghanistan's National Directorate of Security said that six people arrested in an alleged plot to assassinate President Karzai had ties to the Haqqani network.

*April 15th 2012: Haqqani network fighters initiate the summer fighting season, conducting complex attacks across Kabul, Logar and Paktia provinces. Several western embassies in Kabul were attacked in the Say Wallah district.

*June 1st 2012: A massive suicide truck bomb breaches the southern perimeter wall of US Forward Operating Base Salerno in Khost province. A dozen Haqqani fighters wearing suicide vests entered the breach, but were isolated and killed by US Forces.

*THE SEPTEMBER 2012 ATTACK ON CAMP BASTION: The attack of Camp Bastion seemed to have strongly focus on destroying military equipment as Six AV-8B Harrier IIs and a United States Air Force C-130 were destroyed and another two Harriers severely damaged, three refueling stations were destroyed and six soft-skin aircraft hangars damaged. (AS A LIKELY RETROFITTED JUSTIFICATION) Later, the Taliban/Haqqani group claimed that the raid was in response to the film, "Innocence of Muslims," and have also stated that Prince Harry, who was stationed at the base at the time, was a target of the attack. The raid was a complex and coordinated assault by 15 Taliban fighters, dressed in United States Army uniforms and using several types of weapons, which took place on the eastern side of Camp Bastion near to the USMC aircraft hangars at 22:00 local time (17:30 GMT).

NOTE: We replace the aircraft lost in the attack, with 14 Harriers to Afghanistan within 36 hours of the raid, and assumed operations as per usual.


=>PAKISTANI CONVENIENCE, OBFUSCATION AND RELOCATION: In September 2011, the US Senate Appropriations Committee voted to make a $1 billion counter-insurgency aid package to the Pakistani military conditional upon Pakistani action against militant groups, including the Haqqani network. As suggested above (in DEPLOYMENT), it appears (from 2011-2013 almost the exact opposite occurred) and U.S. positions were targeted more than ever with new plans, equipment, and other capabilities. The Haqqani-controlled regions of northern Pakistan had grown larger than ever, and they served as strategic safe-havens for other Islamic militant organizations, such as al-Qaeda, the Pakistani Taliban (TTP), Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM), Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), and members of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU). As the U.S. pulls out of Afghanistan, Pakistan is faced with further defining their relationship with the Haqqani network, and most certainly wants them as Allies. In 2014 Pakistan Armed Forces finally launched a so called "major offensive Operation Zarb-e-Azb" in North Waziristan aimed at “displacing all militants foreign and domestic,” including the Haqqani network from its soil (the result was 30-50 of the 15,000 Haqqani network were killed, mostly foreigners of no consequence), and we continually hear public reports of core Taliban/Haqqani Training compounds and Sanctuaries in the (interior) of Pakistan.


INFERENCE: The bottom line here is we sent them money, but it appears (we can inferred) they attacked us instead using Proxy Militants, according to the timeline, and each of the stages exemplified above as affiliation, aiding and harboring, as well as (PLANNING, ORGANIZING, TRAINING, EQUIPPING, PRACTICE, IMPROVEMENTS, AND DEPLOYMENT) which culminated in a wave of destruction.





JAMA’AT UL FUQRA: AKA IQOU-MOA, AKA Muslims of the Americas, this group is based out of Lahore Pakistan, is associated with murders and bombings in more than half of the U.S. and have now perpetrated more than 50 Terrorist attacks in the U.S. at present time. There are currently 35 Known IQOU-MOA Compounds with 3000-5000 Members labeled "Muslims of America." This group (as with all other groups are overtly denied but covertly supported by Pakistan, not otherwise specified here). The current risks related to the Jama’at ul Fuqra group in the U.S. include:


2. Jihad on American soil – They are interested in Terrorism/bombs/murder, multiple firearms drills, criminal enterprise, Bioterror, drug trafficking, willingness to commit other criminal acts in support of their cause, and have intentions to execute large-scale attacks in the next 5 years.

3. Sanctuary and Deep Covert Cell advancement – They have created multiple front-companies with access to technology related to surveillance and counter-surveillance efforts, they have attempted government infiltration, identity theft, created fraudulent document mills, and human smuggling (see APPENDIX-B & F).

4. Contribute to Crime: narcotics trafficking, fraud, trafficking in counterfeit goods, and fundraising, (see APPENDIX-B & F).

5. Proximity to our Nation’s Capital (They have compounds in Charlotte and Prince Edward Counties).

6. Recruitment: Prison recruitment, and all other recruits must abide to the laws of JAMA’AT UL FUQRA, which are considered to be superior to U.S. laws and one of their goals is to replace U.S. laws.

7. JAMA’AT UL FUQRA (MOA) KNOWN TERRORIST (PARAMILITARY TRAINING) COMPOUNDS IN THE U.S. - Currently, ROCIC overtly designated the following PAKISTANI Fuqra MOA Terrorist compounds as Paramilitary training compounds:

=> Marion Alabama Compound

=> Commerce Georgia Compound

=> Macon Georgia Compound

=> Talihina Oklahoma Compound

=> York County South Carolina "Islamville" - (Near the Catawba NUCLEAR Station!)

=> Dover Tennessee Compound

=> Red House Virginia Compound


Jama’at ul Fuqra are Pakistani Sunni Islamists and Terrorists

Haqqani Network leadership are Pakistani/Afghani Sunni Islamists and Terrorists

Tehrik-i-Taliban are Pakistani Sunni Islamists and Terrorists

Lashkar-i-Jhangvi are Pakistani Sunni Islamists and Terrorists

Al-Qa’ida are Sunni Islamists and Terrorists who reside in Pakistan among other places



The way in which we approach decisions related to Pakistan and associated Proxy Groups is multifactorial because of complex Diplomatic relationships, Affiliations, Sunni and Shia activities, and cause-effect overt and covert issues need to be considered prior to moving forward including the role they may play to implement security among tribal groups and the balance to be kept against opposing Islamic groups in the region.

=>Unfortunately, at this time, there are many people who believe naively that evaluating Terrorists is an A+B+C=T (Terrorist) scenario (e.g. Islamic + Radical Speech and Actions + Foreign travel or radical groups or purchases = Terrorist). However, that is not always their mode of operations, (e.g. there are links between White-Collar crime and Terrorism as well), there is a 57 State “Organization of Islamic Cooperation, and covert clandestine Proxy militia activities undertaken by Islamic nations. Thus I present APPENDIX-A through G below to demonstrate challenges, and associated “Terrorist Tradecraft” related to Pakistan, relationships abroad, and their Affiliates.

=>In answering question one, “Does the Pakistani Government's "Threat Matrix" (including kill list) have American names on it, and/or perhaps U.S. local military bases?” I used the timeline above to infer yes, Pakistan had strongest motives, financing, relationships, and equipment to get this done.

=>In answering question two, “Does the Haqqani Network act as the proxy arm of the Pakistani ISI and kill Americans?” Once again I look to the timeline I’ve presented to infer that yes, it appears that the Haqqani network was beholden to Pakistan (Pakistan provides them sanctuary), both Pakistan and Haqqani desire the U.S. to not interfere in Afghanistan, such that Pakistan and the Haqqani network can shape Afghanistan according to their ideology.

=>In answering question three, “What does this mean both abroad and domestically as Pakistani Terrorist groups and training compounds are now on U.S. soil, and are growing?” To answer question 3 (are we Domestically on Pakistan’s Threat Matrix), I can definitely infer yes if we revisit the Pakistani MO presented above and consider the statement from the aforementioned Pakistani National Strategy Paper Pages-55-56, they think we support India their #1 enemy, we are shaping Afghanistan without them, and they desire Global Jihadism (Islamic domination of the world). Therefore, we are most likely to be #2 most hated, and Israel is #3. The threat is huge because many groups are broadly and Diplomatically affiliating with Pakistan across the World and fund them and enhance their technology (see APPENDIX-A below), or are sympathetic to Pakistani ideology, or are awaiting an opportunity to strike the U.S, or are creating opportunities (see APPENDIX-B & F below), or are videotaping our infrastructure and developing information to target the U.S., or are infiltrating our government, or are keeping a clean criminal history while funding and supporting their terrorist cause in some other way. Pakistan is not innocent of their continual assistance and interaction with terrorist groups (and this impacts us at home and abroad), and we all know they are hypochondriacs about India and believe we are undermining them, and thus I INFER with great confidence that American’s are on their Threat Matrix in profoundly adverse ways (to be sabotaged, and killed when the opportunity and non-attribution calculus is just right).

=>Yet Americans do not strongly target Pakistan, as there is some far-out nuanced train of thought that Pakistan stabilizes the Middle East and could act as a security partner (especially in that they can communicate with terrorists for us). Our National Security personnel balance the value of this stability against (God forbid) we have a disaster in the U.S. and our security forces are overwhelmed - because Terrorist cells (derived from Pakistan or otherwise), may decide it is a good day to attack while we are weak.

=>The complications in identifying a clear chain of command back to Pakistan relates to their primary desire to operate through proxy and fourth-generation warfare, (e.g. they communicate their desires to Terrorists affiliated with other groups and other Nation States, establish financial and supply chains, implement tradecraft, and attempt to find sustainable ways to further their causes through “Terrorism-Enterprise”). This becomes even more complicated as we categorize many other types of groups that need to be managed in the U.S., e.g. there are Sovereign citizen movements (e.g. As-Sabiqun Islamic movement supports Hizballah/Hezbollah and the Iqaamatiddeen Movement is part of Dar ul-Islam and desire to form an autonomous Islamic state in the U.S.), Special interest groups, Saboteurs, Militias, Homegrown Islamic Extremist groups, Black separatists (e.g. Five Percent Nation, Nation of Islam, and some NBPP associate with foreign terrorists), Radical Schools (e.g. Islamic Saudi Academy), Inspired Lone wolf extremists, and newly revealed Illegal Alien criminal partnership activity (e.g. through the Pakistani Consulate in Mexico), and Caribbean businesses, all the while White Nationalist Groups may provoke one of them into action at the least controllable time.



1. ATTACK CAPABILITY: UNKNOWN (they work at businesses that enable them to tunnel into the ground and hide weapons.

2. INTELLIGENCE GAPS: Gaps are increasing as there are greater numbers to manage, there is extensive Social Media recruitment, technology is being employed to avoid detection, and there are limited assets for HUMINT.

3. INFLUENCING NEW MEMBERSHIPS: Will likely increase (e.g. especially due to social media and prison recruitment).

4. CHARITIES AND FUNDRAISING: Will likely increase (e.g. separate groups appear to specialize in charities and fraud schemes to support terrorism).

5. CONTINUED CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES: Many are known and unknown due to attribution gaps, and the enemy has business capabilities to help them avoid detection.

6. CONNECTIVITY: Many of these terrorist groups establish connections in the Middle East and among one another in the U.S. and Canada for support.

7. RESIDENCE IN THE U.S.: This will likely increase (e.g. due to southern border issues and the sanctuary city condition, human trafficking, immigration fraud and fake identity schemes, anchor babies, and evasion techniques).


AS A FINAL NOTE: In 2014 a key Haqqani member died, and there appears to be in-fighting in the region, it is unknown how this will change the calculus. The situation remains dynamic, trends appear to exhibit growth of the Terrorist condition and affiliation with Pakistan and many other members of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation as a vastly disbursed loosely connected and supported “Islamic cause” achieving cohesion through perpetuated hate of the infidel and fidelity to Islamic Ideological interpretations that are driving acts of terrorism, and a battle for territory and resources. The trajectory appears to be the targeting of the U.S. at home and abroad as fourth generation warfare, establishment of terror cells, infiltration and disruption or sabotage, and inspired home-grown attacks on soft targets.


IMPORTANT QUALIFIERS AND DISCLAIMERS: Warning, this topic has been pruned from a larger topic, and a small amount of stovepiping occurred in the process because the Middle East is a busy place for terrorist activity AND SO IS THE U.S., and I chose to eliminate information that does not pertain directly to the scope of this topic (e.g. I did not go into the potential benefits of HUMINT collections on these groups, et Al.), I just stick to the Open Source facts and draw inference.


----------------------------------------------- APPENDIX-A---------------------------------------------------


Pakistan fully supports the notion of a Palestinian Authority and the proposal of the creation of an independent Palestinian state, and denies the State of Israel.

=>SYRIA - In 2005 Syria and Pakistan agreed on mutual cooperation in the fields of SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY SHARING. Several Pakistani pilots assisted the Syrian air force in 1973 Yom Kippur War.

=>Saudi Arabia - Source of Aid to Pakistan and the Haqqani network, for decades, source of Petro-products, LARGEST PROVIDER OF RELIGIOUS EDUCATIONAL MATERIALS for Pakistan.

=>Iraq - Iraqi support for Pakistan in its 1971 war with India and Pakistani supported Iraq against Iran in the Iran-Iraq War

=>Jordan - They share common viewpoints (hate for Israel), and share bonds through high-level marriages.

=>Kuwait - Has sent hundreds of millions in aid to Pakistan over the years, and Pakistan helped Kuwait clear mines.

=>Lebanon - Pakistan supported Lebanon when it was invaded by Israel.

=>Bahrain - trade and military relationship with Pakistan

=>Oman - Has a common genetic heritage with Pakistan

=>Azerbaijan - Pakistan recognizes it as a country and opened an embassy there

=>Afghanistan – Previously mentioned, Pakistan wants them to be exactly the same as them.

…a huge list of others.




=>Sheikh Mubarik Ali Jilani Hasmi, AKA Jilani, AKA Sheikh Mubarik Shah Jilani, AKA “Abu”

Mubarik Shah, AKA Masood Ahmad

*Sixth Sultan Ul Faqr -founder

*U.S. al-Fuqra (1980) -founder

*Muslims of the Americas –founder (Compound registration)

*Quaranic Open Univ. –founder (Looking for U.S. Grants)

*The Islamic Chronicle –founder (media Propaganda)


=>James Donald Williams, AKA Samuel McClane, AKA Naib Muhammad Abdus Shakur, AKA Colonel Shakur, AKA Colonel Shakur A. Quddud

*Sector 5 of Muhammad Commandos (Colorado “Jamaat”) – Leader

*Professional Security International (PSI), CO – President

*McClane’s Carpenter & Home Builders - Owner

*Buena Vista compound - Purchaser

*CRIMES include 1984 bombing at Hare Krishna Temple, Denver, & 1990 murder Tucson, AZ


=>James Lincoln Upshur, Jr., AKA Raymond D. Williams, AKA Ali Abdul Aziz

*vice president, Professional Security International (PSI), CO

*RDW Construction - operated &

*Sub-contracting business “Ray & Ken” – operated


Edward Nicholas Laurent Flinton AKA Edward Soloman Katz AKA William Alfred Lemay AKA Idris Abdul Musawwir AKA Edward Lindsey

* U.S. Fuqra “mastermind” who allegedly developed assassination and bombing plans

*1983 hotel bombing attempt, Portland, OR ▪️

*1984 bombing, Hare Krishna Temple, Denver ▪️

*1990 murder of Imam Rashad Abdel Khalifa, Tucson, AZ Source: Documents collected in the Colorado Fuqra case.


ALSO: (Businesses used as the basis for support materials, and to launch fraudulent claims)

=>786 Security Firm, aka 786 Security Company headquartered in New

=>Investigative Services associated with 786 Security Firm and located in New York

=>Watchdog Securities associated with 786 Security Firm and located in New York

=>Mills Security associated with 786 Security Firm and located in New York

=>CCC Carpentry operated by Fuqra member,

=>Chris Childs RDW Construction operated by Fuqra member,

=>James Upshur Ray and Ken, subcontracting company operated by Fuqra member,

=>James Upshur McClane’s Carpenter & Home Builders operated by Fuqra member,

=>James D. Williams CML Construction associated with various Fuqra members

=>R & D Carpenters associated with various Fuqra members


------------------------------------------------APPENDIX-C -------------------------------------------------


Domestic Organizations

1.Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP)

2.Lashkar-e-Omar (LeO)

3.Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan (SSP)

4.Tehreek-e-Jaferia Pakistan (TJP)


6.Lashkar-eJhangvi (LeJ)

7.Sipah-e-Muhammad Pakistan (SMP)


9.Nadeem Commando

10.Popular Front for Armed Resistance

11.Muslim United Army

12.Harkat-ul-Mujahideen Al-alami (HuMA)


Trans-national Organizations

1.Hizb-ul-Mujahideen (HM)

2.Harkat-ul-Ansar (HuA, presently known as Harkat-ul Mujahideen)

3.Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT)

4.Jaish-e-Mohammad Mujahideen E-Tanzeem (JeM)

5.Harkat-ul Mujahideen (HuM, previously known as Harkat-ul-Ansar)

6.Al Badr

7.Jamait-ul-Mujahideen (JuM)

8.Lashkar-e-Jabbar (LeJ)


10.Muttahida Jehad Council (MJC)

11.Al Barq


13.Al Jehad

14.Jammu & Kashir National Liberation Army

15.People’s League

16.Muslim Janbaz Force

17.Kashmir Jehad Force

18.Al Jehad Force (combines Muslim Janbaz Force and Kashmir Jehad Force)

19.Al Umar Mujahideen


21.Islami Jamaat-e-Tulba

22.Jammu & Kashmir Students Liberation Front


24.Islamic Students League


26.Tehrik-e-Nifaz-e-Fiqar Jafaria

27.Al Mustafa Liberation Fighters


29.Muslim Mujahideen

30.Al Mujahid Force


32.Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT)

33.Jaish-e-Mohammad Mujahideen E-Tanzeem (JeM)

34.Harkat-ul Mujahideen (HuM, previously known as Harkat-ul-Ansar)

35.Al Badr

36.Jamait-ul-Mujahideen (JuM)

37.Lashkar-e-Jabbar (LeJ)


39.Muttahida Jehad Council (MJC)

40.Al Barq


42.Al Jehad

43.Jammu & Kashir National Liberation Army

44.People’s League

45.Muslim Janbaz Force

46.Kashmir Jehad Force

47.Al Jehad Force (combines Muslim Janbaz Force and Kashmir Jehad Force)

48.Al Umar Mujahideen


50.Islami Jamaat-e-Tulba

51.Jammu & Kashmir Students Liberation Front


53.Islamic Students League


55.Tehrik-e-Nifaz-e-Fiqar Jafaria

56.Al Mustafa Liberation Fighters


58.Muslim Mujahideen

59.Al Mujahid Force


61.Islami Inquilabi Mahaz


Extremist organizations

1.Al-Akhtar Trust

2.Rabita Trust

3.Ummah Tamir-e-Nau

4.Al-Rashid Trust




=>Al-Qa’ida and the Taliban (Supported by Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Chechnya, Tajikistan, Somalia, Yemen, and Kosovo),

=>Jama’at ul Fuqra (Pakistani) 3000-5000 Para-militants with a Jihad timetable for the U.S., they are in every state in the U.S. and in the Caribbean, they are (see no go zones above).

=>Lashkar-e Tayyiba - (Pakistani-based Sunni religious organization that embeds itself in low-income areas of the U.S.), their attitude was directed at attacking India but is now directed at the U.S. and Israel. They inspire young U.S.-born Muslims also, from Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, the Persian Gulf states, Yemen, and Somalia, and are partners in Usama bin Laden’s International Islamic Front for Jihad against the U.S. and Israel, they function in Terrorist Cells all over the world.

=>Al-Shabaab- (Somali REFUGEES) Islamic populations in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Columbus, Ohio, and Seattle, Washington.

=>HAMAS, and the Muslim Brotherhood - (Gaza and others), INFILTRATION - ONE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD MEMBER WAS FOUND TO HAVE BEEN APPOINTED IN THE U.S. TO A STATE IMMIGRATION COMMITTEE, (who is the genius that did that). With every Gaza conflict there is a low chance of lone wolf non-attributable attacks on U.S. people or assets associated with this group, however, they mainly function for the purpose of complex fundraising, propaganda, protests and to create recruitment infrastructure for other groups.

=>Hizballah/Hezbollah (Lebanese Shia Islamists supported by IRAN) -200,000 worldwide. Engage in fundraising, drug smuggling, fraud, extortion, and will otherwise remain as a “Dark Terrorist Cell” in the U.S. until the U.S. does something against Iran’s interests.

=>Jama’at Tabligh - (Train in Afghanistan), 50,000 strong in 10 U.S. cities with activities largely unknown and previous known support for Al-Qa’ida and bombing in Spain and Europe.

=>Still others include: Sunni Extremists, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, and Islamic Jihad Union AKA Islamic Jihad Group (IJG).

NOTE: HAMAS, the Palestine Islamic Jihad, and the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade are mainly concern with collecting funds in America and channeling them to attack and destroy Israel.




Directorate for Inter-Services Intelligence, Inter-Services Intelligence, ISI - the Pakistan intelligence agency, a powerful and almost autonomous political and military force, they procured nuclear technology and delivery capabilities and have strong ties with the Taliban and other militant Islamic groups which makes them the Top of the Chain of Command.


al-Qaeda, al-Qaida, al-Qa'ida, Qaeda, Base - a terrorist network intensely opposed to the United States that dispenses money and logistical support and training to a wide variety of radical Islamic terrorist groups; has cells in more than 50 countries


al-Rashid Trust - a terrorist group organized in 1996 after the Taliban took over Afghanistan and part of Osama bin Laden's international system; provides financial support for the Taliban and al-Qaeda and Jaish-i-Mohammed and assists Muslim militants around the world; established a network of madrasas and mosques in Afghanistan


Al Faran, Harkat ul-Ansar, Harkat ul-Mujahedeen, Harkat-ul-Mujahidin, HUA, Movement of Holy Warriors, HUM - an Islamic fundamentalist group in Pakistan that fought the Soviet Union in Afghanistan in the 1980s; now operates as a terrorist organization primarily in Kashmir and seeks Kashmir's accession by Pakistan


Army of Muhammad, Jaish-e-Muhammad, Jaish-i-Mohammed, JEM - a terrorist organization founded in 2000; a militant Islamic group active in Kashmir and closely aligned with al-Rashid Trust; seeks to secure release of imprisoned fellow militants by kidnappings


Al Qanoon, Lashkar-e-Omar - a terrorist organization formed in Pakistan in 2002 as a coalition of extremist Islamic militant groups including Lashkar-e-Taiba and Lashkar-e-Jhangvi and Jaish-e-Muhammad and elements of al-Qaeda.


Army of the Pure, Army of the Righteous, Lashkar-e-Taiba, Lashkar-e-Tayyiba, Lashkar-e-Toiba, LET - a brutal terrorist group active in Kashmir, they fight against India with the goal of enacting Islamic rule of India; "Lashkar-e-Toiba has committed mass murders of civilian Hindus."


Fuqra, Jamaat ul-Fuqra, Tanzimul Fuqra - an Islamic terrorist group organized in the 1980s; seeks to purify Islam through violence; the cells in North America and the Caribbean insulate themselves from Western culture and will even attack other Muslims who they regard as heretics


Lashkar-e-Jhangvi - a Sunni Muslim extremist group in Pakistan that collaborates with al-Qaeda and is the armed wing of Sipah-e-Sahaba


Sipah-e-Sahaba - a vicious sectarian organization in Pakistan that persecutes Shiite Muslims and collaborates with al-Qaeda to attack foreigners and to disrupt the government of Pakistan.


Markaz-ud-Dawa-wal-Irshad, MDI - a Sunni organization formed in 1989 and based in Pakistan that opposes missionary groups from the United States, and uses Lashkar-e-Tayyiba as its armed wing.


Umma Tameer-e-Nau, UTN - a nongovernmental organization of Pakistani scientists that has been a supporter of terrorism, have provided information about chemical and biological and nuclear warfare to Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda and the Taliban.




Fraud in connection with identification documents 18 USC 1028

Forgery or false use of passport 18 USC 1543

Misuse of a passport 18 USC 1544

Fraud and misuse of visas, permits, and other documents 18 USC 1546

Identification Document Fraud Social security fraud 42 USC 408

Bribery of public officials and witnesses 18 USC 201

Counterfeited or forged securities of states and private entities 18 USC 513

Making false statement on a credit application 18 USC 1014

Bank fraud 18 USC 1344

Money laundering 18 USC 1956

Operating unlicensed money transmitting business 18 USC 1960

Racketeering 18 USC 1962 Financial Fraud

Structuring transactions to evade reporting requirements 31 USC 5324

Mail fraud 18 USC 1341 Mail and Wire Fraud

Fraud by wire, radio, or television 18 USC 1343

Credit Card Fraud in connection with access devices 18 USC 1029

Filing materially false income tax returns 26 USC 7206 Tax Fraud

Corrupt endeavor to impede admin. of IRS laws 26 USC 7212

Deportable alien 8 USC 1227

Alien failing to report address change 8 USC 1305

Alien smuggling 8 USC 1324

Evading immigration laws 8 USC 1325

Falsely representing oneself as a U.S. citizen 18 USC 911

Illegal alien in the U.S. 18 USC 922

Making false statement regarding naturalization, citizenship, or alien registry 18 USC 1015

Immigration Fraud Unlawful procurement of citizenship or naturalization 18 USC 1425

Aiding and abetting 18 USC 2

Conspiracy to commit offense or defraud the U.S. 18 USC 371

Making a materially false statement 18 USC 1001

Perjury 18 USC 1621

Providing material support to terrorists 18 USC 2339

Conspiracy to give or receive funds, goods, or services for a designated terrorist 50 USC 595






U.S. TREASURE DEPT (Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons)







The Haqqani Nexus and the Evolution of al-Qa'ida:



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