Daca Age Limitation Reform

I have recently come across a family from Mexico.

The mom married a perm resident of US and she has 2 sons. her son that was younger than 16 at the time received Daca and the 17 year old son, who was still in high school, was unable to get residency. He is 30 years old now and still not a resident and a lawyer told him he cannot help. After doing some research myself, It came to my attention that Daca is only for children that enter the US younger than 16. Which appalls me. A 17 year old is still a minor and I can't imagine just leaving him behind in mexico while his family is able to enter the USA Legally. there has to be something to bring awareness to the age limitations and put pressure on our government to let them know this is Wrong and unethical. Does anyone know how to make this visible to implement change or have any ideas on how to help them?


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