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DHS NEW Campus Resilience Program Resource Library website

Looks like DHS launched the new campus resilience program resource library recently here:

I love it, thanks DHS! I'll post this link on my websites too.



To me, this puts the ball back in the corner of Schools/Campuses, we must now observe if schools will actually systematically comb through the above website, and collect the documents, analyze and incorporate the information into their EOP's, plan new options into their preparedness cycle, and create additional safety programs.



This website is a great step forward for awareness and education. Someone should be monitoring website ANALYTICS to determine the extent of use of the materials… e.g. much of the resources were already present but scattered elsewhere, therefore, does this new site improve the delivery of the information to the target audience. Next step is, I’d like to see Schools procure the information and create their own localized digital library with this security information as discussed here:



If low traffic to the website, then here are a few example promotional ideas:

=>PLAN-A: (WEB-VIDEO) HOW ABOUT A YOUTUBE VIDEO SERIES THAT INTRODUCES THE DIGITAL LIBRARY, FLAGS/HIGHLIGHTS SOME GREAT PRODUCTS AND FAST-TRACKS EVERYONE! I'd love that, (I already read tons of information every day), sometimes I just want to be fast-tracked by a video that I can review at the time and place, (and pace) of my choosing.

=>PLAN-B: (MAIL) PRINT AND MAIL A BROCHURE TO ALL SCHOOLS IN OUR NATION about the website, with highlights of resources, leading them towards what to do next, urging them to “do the right thing” or “take one step forward,” and designate a small committee to evaluate the content, discuss, and see where it goes from there.

=>PLAN-C: (PROGRAM CERTIFICATES OF COMPLETION) e.g. PS-PREP - Incorporate the information into a program, whereby participants can achieve certificates, or better yet, create a PS-Prep like program for Schools. See this topic for further details:

=>PLAN-D: (ADSENSE) Why not spend $100 on google Ads and have the website pop-up first in search engine results to enhance visibility and awareness.

=>PLAN-E: (HANDS-ON), to get the ball rolling, Liaisons from DHS could convey an overview of educational and safety options to LEPC’s nationwide, then they could relay the information to pertinent school officials on how to optimally utilize the information presented on the website, as well as other safety capabilities. This might not be cost effective, but may be necessary if the active shooter issue continues to trend. Perhaps it could be contracted as an extension to the 2013-present “Campus Resilience Pilot Program” via Cadmus Group LLC, see:



It is a great next step. If any hands-on training happens at the Schools (via Cadmus or others), I'd like to see local Police present, so they know what to expect from school officials, and they can determine if there are any conflicts NOS.



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