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DHS/FEMA Employee Igloo and portable sleeping PODS for housing and office space use at Disaster Field Operations facilities Off Topic

DHS/FEMA should research the various plastic igloo Pods currently being utilized by restaurants for outdoor dining, for use as sleeping and working PODS for employees deployed to Disaster Field Operations facilities. Such facilities presently have difficulty keeping workers properly separated/distanced from COVID- 19 exposure. In warehouses and empty retail spaces being leased for use as Disaster Field Operations facilities, these igloos could provide protective separation for deployed employees. In addition, some hospitals in the U.S. are using portable sanitized and isolated sleeping spaces for their workers to sleep and rest in. University Hospital System in Cleveland, Ohio, is one such hospital. DHS/FEMA should also research these units to see if they can be used to safely separate deployed workers who are in a Camp setting for sleeping purposes.

B. Mills/FEMA


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