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I am the creator of TUPLEZZ, which is a very powerful (probably the most powerful) method and system for strong authentication and secure communication designed to keep cybercriminals at bay for now and in the soon-to-come age of quantum computers.

Imagine a hacker who installed a RAT (Remote Access Trojan/ Remote Administration Tool) on Alice's PC and so he can see everything (screen captures and keylogging) that happens including all Alice's login sessions to her financial institutions (or some sensitive research lab) and she's not aware of the RAT's existence (which happens quite often).

My method is immune to the RAT attack -- that is this strong authentication method is unhackable/can't be reproduced even if the attacker knows Alice's static ID and Pw and recorded 500 or 500,000 of Alice's previous login sessions ..

"Lucky guesses" aside, brute-force attacks can not be successful because there is no effective brute-force attack against the infinite. I'll gladly provide DHS with all the details regarding this Patent Pending method designed to be very beneficial to our national security.


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