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Cut off housing and financial aid to non American born citizens, give that aid and support to straight real Americans

I've been homeless and have used homeless shelters and missions and rented off Craigslist, I found that union Gospel mission of Salem Oregon ,Astoria rescue mission of Astoria Oregon harbor and support illegal aliens and the expense and suffering of American born citizens who should be the only ones receiving any financial support,housing and educational funding to better American born citizens lives,not support drug dealing Mexican gangs and crack dealing African scum! The give housing and electrical assistance to illegals and iv drug addicts and there starting to turn away American citizens who ask for deserve and need these kinds of programs for them and there children!!! I know live in grays harbor county Washington,where they have Muslim bus drivers working for the gray harbor transit,I suggest sending homeland security to investigate,Seattle,Olympia,And Aberdeen Washington,And Portland and Salem Oregon in the west,punish sheriffs departments that don't cooperate with homeland security!!!They arrested a man for practicing terroism in Montesano Washington,his name is Daniel Franey he was convicted of weapons charges!!! There are more of his kind in the infastructure of Washington state government and law enforcement,investigate you'll see I'm right!!!! Once again send homeland security to investigate gray harbor county government and infastructure,Community action,Public utility district,Sheriff s department and other public works agencies and you'll see they've infiltrated the system already like a disease,. So hey I ain't calling wolf!!!! But help help help!!!!!I'll do anything I can to help,let's start Now!!Iam James Gerard Lee Garvin American born Child, my middle initial are GL like EAGLE American Eagle!!!



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