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Cultural Marxism is a Threat; Antifa is a Communist Org trending idea

Acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf does not name Antifa as a Domestic Terrorist Org. The US Army Academy at West Point is teaching Critical Race Theory. Critical Race Theory is Cultural Marxism and Antifa is the violent wing of Communism.

Communism is also known as International Socialism! It is called "International" because it seeks to dissolve races and nations, as in the words of Karl Kautsky, the leader of the Social Democrat Party in pre-WWI Austria, " fuse all nations together." i.e. rebuilding the Tower of Babel. Cultural Marxism thru Political Correctness/Social Justice is the methods of doing just that! We are heading into another civil war because of Marxist subversion of this country to complete the task of this Utopian dream. Antifa and teaching Critical Race Theory throughout the Federal Government is about making people Marxists! Attached is my research. To rebuild the Tower of Babel, to fuse all nations together requires Soft Genocide. The Federal Government, along with DHS, the US Military, are all engaged in Soft Genocide. And all of this is linked to the religious teachings of Judaism that require the Unity of Man to be accomplished for their Messiah to appear. This is all religious! It is called Jewish Messianism--and this is found in Freemasonry, the teachings of the sophist Kant and in International Socialism! This is the face of Cultural Marxism!


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