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Cuba Immigration to the USA.

Arrange for Political Refugees easy access via asylum into the USA with either relatives, friends, or Sponsors.

The same or better policy many years ago.

Another Mariel Boat Lift as it were, admitting those that are unjustly incarcerated by the Communist party for violating freedom of speech or right of assembly. Or minor incidentes of traffic violations etc.

Possibility of a "Health Visa" for a 2 year USA residency for those that can show a negative Covid test or proof of vaccine injections.

  • Due to the 90 miles between Cuba and Key West being water there is no way for Cubans seeking refuge to go to a physical border gate; same situation with the Bahamas and Miami (55 miles)

    Therefore, my idea / suggestion / request is to allow any Cuban that has a passport with or without a Visa, to...

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