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Criminal Profiling

This will sound strange at first but please read through completely.
Serious Haunted Houses such as the McKamey Manor and others seem to me at a glance (never been to one just google searched and seen YouTube videos) to be a breeding ground for possible malevolent individuals. Some agency should Infilitrate these places and collect profiles on individuals working at them. In case a crime (murder, rape ect ect…)in a area thier relatively close to they are not ruled out as possible suspects. Or even perhaps an agency set up one of these places and draw these individuals to it who like harming others like a moth to a flame and collect data on them. Or even run possible counter intelligence operations using these places to test out different methods for use in interrogations that will cause individuals to break. Either way I am under the presumption that these places have malevolent people working them and someone should definitely be collecting information on them.


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