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Covid-2 SARS on coastal areas and Naval vessels

URGENT Background in EHSM IV trained in Epidemiology/Bioterrorism/WMD



Joseph Bender

Thu, Apr 9, 3:47 PM (5 days ago)

to [email protected], me

My name is Joseph Andrew Bender. I have been notified about the thousands of militia and health professionals swarming to NY and other catastrophic areas. This could be a catastrophic event in itself. Center for Health Safety needs to convey this. Example: When we try to eliminate a Hornets nest we wait for them to collect at full hive strength and kill as many as we can in one spray. My belief is that this has been aerosolized into the environment. The possibility is very real that this was a Bioterrorist event, and that means the enemy could be waiting for the nest to be at full strength (in the publicized huge arenas) after the swarm of personnel reach full capacity. These are thousands of logistical people and Defense personnel that would fall victim to an invisible attack while trapped together in large areas.

I believe that this was disseminated from either drones large enough to carry a dissemination device but small enough to stay under radar. Drones launched from a Sea Based Platform could be the reason why our coastal cities are showing the worse results. This could also be delivered by slow moving aircraft during the night hours. I believe drones could operate stealthy through Radar as most Military and Commercial Radars are only designed for such aircraft. I believe that a smaller aircraft could succeed in the after hours of 2300-morning when most smaller private radar is not in use, or Regional air traffic monitoring is minimal. I am sharing my instinctive information with you as you are a formidable source to share this with the powers to be. Please reply to either emails. [email protected] or [email protected] Reply with acknowledgement to this urgent message.



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