Election Security

Coup in our Cities being fueled by elected local and state government

The very people that are in power to protect the mass public are the very people that will be charged in forming in support of a Coup. These very elected ingrates will be pulled from their seats in the government they failed, and they will be tried for treason in support of congregation, building, supporting, and fueling the Coup. The innocent hard working and legal citizens being affected of any and all violent disturbances are having to retreat from the cities in order for them to survive the days of their American Dream. We have cowered in allowing this to exist in American streets where the activists are burning, smashing, and destroying peoples hard earned work. The people that are being fueled by treason officials will be treated as armed enemies of the Constitution and the violation of freedom and be dealt with in such a manner of violating civil liberties by partaking in a Coup. PERIOD


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