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Coronavirus Sabotage, Hoaxes, and Defiance of Public Safety Imperative Off Topic


The purpose of this topic is to generate awareness re: other Coronavirus related conditions. Stakeholders (e.g. businesses and mass transit) should admonish visitors against, be aware of, and prepared to respond to, the following potential adverse behaviors and actions.



All members of the public should to be encouraged to report suspicious activity related to Coronavirus. Perhaps via "If you see something say something" campaign.


-----------CONSIDER THE FOLLOWING VIDEOS-------------



In this video, a masked man in Belgium licks his fingers wipe them on bar in subway train.



In this video, a young man causes ~$10,000 in damages at Walmart while perpetrating a Coronavirus hoax



In this video, the man licks items at a store exhibiting defiance of a public safety requirement not to contract or spread Coronavirus:





Here is one course of action I've been encouraging my clients to take below. I've told them to include the following minimum language in their Coronavirus protocols - whereby they must post the policy in high-visibility areas, check people, provide hand sanitizer, and read the critical components to people entering the building where feasible. Consider the following:




In compliance with MI Executive Order 2020-21 (COVID-19)

I. REQUIREMENT: For your safety and ours, please follow the directions of our staff, including this sign, as they endeavor to comply will EO 2020-21 (COVID-19), including using the hand sanitizer provided and keeping a 6-FEET DISTANCE between yourself and others AT ALL TIMES.

II. RESTRICTION: Please DO NOT ENTER THIS BUILDING IF you have FEVER or COUGH, or have been in contact with someone CORONAVIRUS POSITIVE, or traveled to a restricted country within the last 40 DAYS, or are not otherwise eligible or appropriate to do so.

III. PRECAUTION: Please be vigilant and conscientious to avoid the potential contamination of yourself, others and surfaces or objects. Do not LOITER especially near doors, or to greet people, and do not shake hands. Please avoid touching your surroundings and objects needlessly. Please do not touch your face, especially EYES, NOSE OR MOUTH while in this facility to the extent possible. If you must cough or sneeze, do so into your sleeve, or napkin away from others. Wearing an appropriate mask or gloves is preferred if possible.

IV. ENTRANCE/EXIT: The entrance and exit from this building are being regulated for safety reasons, including to enforce 6-FEET DISTANCE between occupants, and limiting the number of occupants. Please only enter through the door marked ENTRANCE and EXIT through the door marked exit.





Seeing the above videos begs the question of how Coronavirus has spread here in the U.S. beyond the level within China and Italy so fast (are saboteurs' spreading-contaminating fomites?). It is highly probable that all of the above (sabotage, hoax, defiance) have happen here in businesses and mass transit (NY). Therefore, this post serves to put a dot on the map of yet another category of adverse conditions related to the Coronavirus that need to be mitigated. The above course of action is a venue for businesses to engage the public, reminds the public of their obligations and the precautions they must take, and a breached policy may be actionable through litigation, especially where a suspect's contrary actions endanger occupant safety.


NOTE: There are other Coronavirus adverse conditions the public must be aware of, including…

Treatment scams: Scammers sell fake cures

Supply scams: Offer e.g. surgical masks, you give money, the mask never arrives.

Provider scams: fake doctors and hospitals demanding payment for treating family.

Charity scams: Soliciting donations for COVID-19 causes.

Phishing scams: Emails from health officials that contain malware targeting your finances.

App scams: Mobile apps designed to track the spread of COVID-19 contain malware that that steals your personal information.

Investment scams: Invest in a false COVID-19 cure.

Bank/ FDIC scams: Current high rate of fraudulent calls, text messages, letters and emails from scammers pretending to be FDIC/bank to steal your bank information.


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