Corona virus solution

There is no perfect balance between social distancing and keeping businesses viable. One seems to sacrifice the best aspects of the other. One idea hatched during the SARS epidemic but never implemented was a 'staggered seclusion week' which left businesses open 4 days a week using age distinctions i.e. Monday age 18-30. Wednesday age 31-45. Friday age 46-65

Saturday age 66 or more. This kept I. Between days for cleaning and disinfecting and enables fluid supply chain deliveries on Tuesday/Thursday schedule Everyone had their assigned day for commercial activity and disinfectant activities were robust enough in between to elevate levels of protection. Each allotted business day was restricted to 6 hrs (9am to 3pm) service workers were given a pass on Monday's to get their own shopping done. Not perfect but logistically feasible Containing the spread remains key but it allows keeping our commercial operations viable. Not perfect but workable




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