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Concert Concerns

After seeing Las Vegas concert tragedy, I think for nighttime or daytime outdoor concerts there should be strategically located bright, high-powered blinding spot lights, in a triangle formation, that sunglasses would not be able to deter. These spot lights should be run by trained technicians so that when they see a shooter, they are able to aim these lights at them quickly. Aiming these strategically placed spot lights at a lone-wolf shooter or any shooter, who is shooting from any altitude from an above-ground position, would incapacitate them so they could not see to shoot and also incapacitate them long enough for law enforcement to engage them. I do not have the technology of what the lighting system would be like for temporary blinding, but I put it on the same theory as a flash grenade that blinds temporarily without causing any damage. God forbid, we do not want the shooter suing the Federal Government for permanent blindness. Thank You. Nick



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