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Historically the armed forces of any nation were to first protect. Secondly, to neutralize and/or totally defeat any 'enemy forces' that have actively endangered one's personal (and national) security. People against people ONLY!

However, recent events: pandemics, pollution, climate changes, and so on; should scream at us to realize that, in principle, 'these things are a real attack on our welfare and security'… Not other people/peoples/cultures/thugs.

There seems to be a need for social adjustments in our WAR against those things (not people) that endanger US. So, perhaps it is time that we start recognizing that our real enemies are not, in all instances, another human being.

So, just imagine our armed forces (i.e., active/reserve duty forces) conduct an assault against a superfund site to neutralize its toxicity. Or a beach landing to clean trash/oil/sewerage and perform the appropriate recovery of the environment. There is also the reclaiming of lost materials/metals/wood/plastics to be captured. Sweep the streets on an urban assault patrol to freshen up roadside properties and so forth.

Rebuild bridges/highways/waterways through 'temporary duty assignments. Why they are actually great training lessons in conducting warfare without intentionally harming anyone or thing. Even the tactical non-conflict 'battle plans' would complement the same readiness skills as in actual combat, as well as, honing these skills to their finest 'instant response' point of deployment readiness.


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