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Civil Emergency Refuge Maps

Dear dhs ,


The last few years the USA has almost been involved in nuclear war about 3 times ,


And we no longer have a civil defence fall out shelter public program .


And we've experienced several earthquakes or hurricanes storm surges and flooding . devestatimg regions .


My idea is this


Contact every city I'm the USA . By memo


And have


The city planning comissioner

The city redevelopment agency

The city fire Dept

The city code enforcement office

Or county environmental health


And city hall of records


And city police dept .


Set up over time a


This map will contain

All public or private owned buildings


That can or will be used in a severe catistrophic event . In there region


The map will be color coded . And accessable by download or by walk inside who collect pamplets from city offices ,police or fire depts .


The map will contain


1 all emergency phone Numbers local state and federal.for assistance


2. Will contain locations to go in the event of



Stable quake retrofitted buildings


Where to go what buildings to go into in case of severe flooding

Ones on high ground


Where to go in the event of a hurricane

High ground very strong solid buildings that can take a beating from high winds


Where to go what buildings to go in case of a tornado locally that is strong and had a fortified basement .


Where to go in case of a nuclear war it nuclear attack by terrorists .


That has strong buildings with many stories and a several level deep basement that can stand a thermal nuke high explosive blast and has limited gamma ray exposure limited fallout exposure ,filter or ventilated air systems . And is fallout shelter fesig charateristic approved .


After all these local agency's scout out all these local regional.places for evacuees to go . In emergency and notified the building owners that FEMA may have need of there building for severe emergency and what type . And have gotten there ok to be placed on maps to help save lives in the future give temporay refuge and then the people will leave and regroup and work.on restoration of there lives after .


When authorisation is given by the govt agency or private property owner


The building will be color coded for type of use type of emergency and placed on a public Access map .


And the map will be a where to go guide in the event of a national emergency . Pre authorised pre checked pre evaluated for required characteristics . Once on the emergency FEMA map locally


The citizens will have access to this map on cell phones and computers and also in handed out fliers at govt agency's local.offices


And this would be pre planned . Out


So when a tornado hits or a flood or a storm surge from a hurricane or a earth quake or a prospect of nuclear war attack or terrorist attack .


The maps will have been out in circulation for awhile and many people will have places to go suited for the type of emergency or event that has struck them and they will be able to find refuge and stability and retain after alot easier .

Since we have no civil defence fall out public bomb shelters in existence any more and eat with north Korea and possibly china ,and the possibility of t going nuclear are very real posibilitys


And we've suffered flooding storm surge and hurricanes . And Texas and Florida and Puerto Rico and St martin are a total.mess .


Perhaps we should set this program.up and make these types of maps with extreme urgency for all city's in the USA with there diverse emergency needs color coded in each map . As soon as possible . .


Thanks for reading my idea . I would hope to God it's acted upon way before such a refuge map is ever needed .


Take care



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