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Children identification to fly

I am wondering why children do not need identification to fly within the US. Children are required to have a passport to fly internationally, adults are soon to be required to have a RealID to travel within the states, why not children? Wouldn't needing a form of identification for each child slow down child trafficking? At least on an airplane? I understand the costs and the inconvenience of getting IDs for each child in a household would be great, but I as a mother want at least a speed bump in my child being stolen to be in place. I imagine how easy it would be for a trafficker to steal my child say from a gas station then jump on the highway get to the nearest airport in 30 minutes, buy a ticket make my kid say yes this is my dad, and then sit on an airplane and boom she is on the other side of the country without any hesitation!! Please lets get something started to make children travel a little safer!!



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