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COVID-19 Treatments, Prevention, and Quarantine

I am not an expert in medical field but thought of sharing my ideas anyway based on some common knowledge and experience.

  1. We should look into to using natural and known remedies as this COVID-19 virus is a part of the nature where we all live in. Some recent tests have discovered that this virus doesn't survive in hot conditions or hot temperatures. The solution is to build hot chambers like sauna rooms for the patients to sit in for some appropriate amount of time to kill the virus on their bodies and somewhat internally. We can add/induce/spray inhaling medicine (some form of nitric Oxide that helps in controlling blood pressure, increase oxygen levels and flow of blood in vessels) to the sauna room that patient can inhale with hot air providing oxygen to the lungs and hot temperature to kill the virus in the lungs. Also, we can develop a medicine that will raise body temperature that will stop the growth of this virus internally. These hot chambers will also be helpful for healthcare workers to remove the virus from their own bodies and PPEs that they get while treating and serving the COVID-19 patients. All other non-infected people also can use these chambers as preventive measures. These chambers/rooms will not need any quarantine because of hot temperatures maintained inside.
  2. We should involve Mathematicians, Statisticians, Data Scientists, Economists, and Artificial Intelligence Experts to help the experts in medical, bio-medical science, medicines, chemical engineers and from all other medical fields who are working 24/7 for last several months to find a vaccine and treatments on COVID-19. They will reevaluate the data and models of past and current strains of viruses and their characteristics, mutations, course of medication for each of those and develop some new models by combining common characteristics between those viruses and those found on COVID-19 and finding the others which are not common but found on other previous viruses. These models developed on common and individual characteristics will help find a solution to develop a vaccine. One of the examples is TB virus that has similar characteristics, behavior, and impact on human body as COVID-19. Spread of TB is also by pre-symptomatic, asymptomatic, and symptomatic people the same way as COVID-19. Both viruses affect and damage your lungs and other organs due to lack of oxygen. The recovery and deaths also follow the same path. People with stronger immunity and in good health recover very fast and those who are not die. COVID-19 looks faster in infection but it may be same as TB. The vaccine for TB is BCG which is administered at a very young age to prevent TB affecting young children and up to 14/15 years, not sure. We should look at BCG drug very closely and test on some patients in all three categories. COVID-19 may need a larger amount of dosage or multiple shots over the period of the course. Also it may be used as a preventive vaccine for COVID-19.

Of course we still have to follow all the guidelines including washing hands regularly, social distancing, using of mask, and all other applicable procedures suggested by the government.


Arun Pawar


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