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Predicating the discussion of this subject matter, is an underlying vast fact pattern whereby communists have devastated the Globe with COVID-19 and are now escalating a broad range of other malicious activities. This article evaluates adverse communist activity within the U.S. and potential impact their manipulations and rigging attempts will have on 2020 U.S. Election(s). The American people need relief from said communist activities. Therefore, I request all of Government take immediate action to restore order, educate the public as to what is happening, and preserve the crucial requirements for our continued enjoyment of a democracy.



Communist China's recent (CRIMINALLY NEGLIGENT) handling of COVID-19, including bad-faith protection of Beijing but non-containment for the rest of the world, corresponding intentional misrepresentations, and vast malicious conduct, are the proximate cause of a pandemic that has become the most horrific wave of worldwide death, destruction, and disruption of life in all of human history. Under these adverse conditions, communists are additionally engaging in exploitation of the COVID-19 pandemic to benefit and advance their interests while facilitating strategic and opportunistic infliction of harm upon numerous non-communist nations. Globally for example, communist harmful activities involve originating disinformation while exacerbating fear and confusion, disrupting economies and energy production (meanwhile acquiring failing businesses and engaging in oil price manipulation), hoarding of functional personal protective equipment (PPE) resources while sabotaging other PPE and introducing defective PPE into the marketplace. In the U.S. for example, communists are currently engaged in (but not limited to) disruption of our economy, education and energy sector. Also, U.S. communists are supporting insurrection and exacerbation of conflicts and grievances, espionage (especially related to COVID-19 treatments), targeting of our national media, election(s) and farmers, attacking our culture, places of worship, and various other institutions and vulnerabilities. Upon considering these and other activities, it could be assessed that communist conduct is much too strategic, sweeping, provisioned, and coordinated to be coincidence. Probabilistically, it is more likely that this adverse communist fact pattern represents the execution of a multi-faceted plan to effectuate changes conducive to China's "2025" goals (discussed further below). Meanwhile riot associated theft and destruction, involving other bad-actors that are mere disparate criminals and opportunists, confounds the complete attribution and assignment of blame for damages, solely upon the communist's conduct.



Communists currently pose the most critical threat to the future of our U.S. democracy. Of vital importance, we should all be extremely concerned that communists are actively engaged in manipulating and rigging of our 2020 U.S. Election(s), among other activities. At present time there are an estimated 90,000 communists within the U.S., that have strategically infiltrated positions of power, influence, and created a siege apparatus (executive, judicial & legal, security & paramilitary, communications, and resources) to thwart the interests of the majority of Americans and take control of our country. The additional consequences of communist control (e.g. of our U.S. military and nuclear capabilities) could result in a variety of devastating Global scenarios, given the history of communists killing more than 200 MILLION people to date. Historically, the communist insurrection, power consolidation and propaganda monopolies that we are currently seeing in the U.S., have all been done before, during communist hostile attempts to take control of various other governments. Communists have chosen to attack in full force at present time because the stakes have never been higher for communists and communists have never had more control in the U.S. than they do now. Additionally, we must consider the tensions with communist China, trade wars, China's goal of manufacturing dominance by 2025, and their belief that [if] Republican's win, China will lose in trade, manufacturing, and also will eventually be punished for not containing COVID-19. Furthermore, if we consider the current tactics communists employ, (e.g. supporting illegal immigration, defunding police, promoting substance abuse, criminal insurrection, riots and exploitation of race relations, hoaxes, convincing unionized teachers to forsake our kids, influencing multiple workers unions to take action in lock-step with communists, news outlets, search engines and social media's willingness to manipulate and suppress information, and our current COVID-19 National challenges), these conditions all culminate into a perfect storm for communist exploitation. Make no mistake, this will be the critical year that the U.S. is either spared and revives or enters the path of communist destruction (depending upon our response against said communist attacks and the election(s) outcome). Therefore, the public must be educated about said adverse activities and alerted to the communist's agenda, their current goals, and ultimate goal of destroying our way of life, including subjugation or eventually killing many of Americans. To prevent further communist advances and attack on our democracy, an all of government response is necessary at this time, (especially our elections). Consider the following supporting communist fact patterns and background information.



Communists continuously attack all democracies and, as a long-term goal, it is absolutely imperative that communists destroy the U.S.A. I call upon all of Government to become familiar with and educate the public about the communist threat. Communist MOTIVATION is based upon the condition that the U.S. is currently the global epicenter of liberty, justice, and prosperity, and represents incontestable proof that capitalism is infinitely better than communist dictatorship. The CIRCUMSTANCES AND METHODS that communists have previously used to destroy other nations, are now observable in the U.S., (further discussed below). On this point, 45 Communist GOALS were previously read into the 1963 Congressional Record, an estimated 25 or more goals have been completed, 10 or more goals are in progress, (and a few are now irrelevant). Regarding OPPORTUNITY, the manufactured protests and staged riots that we currently endure in various cities are not within the meaning of "civil right protected free speech," but rather, they are a venue created for the purpose of engaging in Guerrilla warfare. On this point, said protests facilitate and provide opportunity for communists (and other bad actors) to kill Americans, terrorize communities into capitulation, damage our infrastructure, disrupt our productivity, and recruit and utilize "useful idiots" to further their U.S. destruction agenda. Additionally, in this election, mail-in voting offers communists the opportunity to destroy votes and add forged votes at any point from the time the vote leaves the hands of the voter up to the time it is counted. Meanwhile, there is continuous escalation of election interference, manipulation, control and suppression of information via the internet, search engines, media and popular websites. Regarding our culture, incidents of vandalism, arson, dismantling of institutions, and attacks on our history and values, occur daily. Educators and those associated with workers unions are continually subjected to undue influence, scrutiny, and their actions strongly controlled and manipulated by communists, and the Socialist party(s) in the U.S. Republican's and their supporters are regularly subjected to coercion, intimidation, lawfare, entrapment, being disenfranchised and divested, and some are assassinated. In the last decade, our U.S. Democrat party has been pushed far left by members that now overtly virtue-signal Marxist philosophy and call upon activists to target our energy sector, manufacturing, military, Government property, refuse to protect private property and Americans from rioters, looters, drugs, human trafficking, gangs, criminal illegal aliens are released, and they continually persecute and jeopardize non-communists, police, and federal officers.



The only way communists ever come to power is by rigging the elections, killing lots of people, or both. I call upon all of Government to become familiar with and educate the public about historic communist adverse activities, CIRCUMSTANCES AND METHODS. People are currently being murdered by communists in the U.S. and the opportunities to adversely impact people, property, our security and elections keep growing. Also, a pattern of all the same impossible Utopian lies (told in each country that the communists come after), is being told in the U.S. at present time. Many people now believe the lies, some individuals exploit the lies to profit, some people disarm or capitulate due to fear, all could become compromised (before their subjugation or demise). Here are a few example historic communist actions (some are analogous to the current insurrection and tactics observed within the U.S.):

  • Communist China from 1949 to current has murdered over 100 million people, and enslaved millions in forced-labor camps.
  • Communists in the former USSR from 1922-1980's, are estimated to have murdered more than 120 MILLION people, (39 million of them died in slave camps).
  • Communists gradually infiltrated Vietnam and engaged in destruction, arson, assassinations, massacres, and terror tactics for more than 20 years culminating in more than 3 MILLION deaths and Vietnam becoming a Communist country.
  • Communists supported extensive insurrection and murder in Korea for 3 years culminating in more than 3 MILLION deaths, and a nation (that was unchanged for 5,000 years) was split in half, where N. Korea became a Communist dictatorship.
  • Communists also killed MILLIONS of people in each of these countries: Cambodia, Yugoslavia, and Ethiopia.
  • Communists killed hundreds of thousands of people in each of these countries: Cuba, Afghanistan, Albania, Angola, Bulgaria, Mongolia, and Mozambique.
  • In Czechoslovakia 1948, the Czechoslovakian Communist Party engaged in a coup to take control of the government. National elections in 1946 resulted in a high degree of leftist and communist party's representation in the new constituent assembly (just like we currently see in the U.S. HR). Benes initially pandered to the communists (as democrat candidates sometimes do in the U.S.), but communists eventually forced Benes and non-communist parties out of government, his foreign minister was killed, and communists rigged the election. During this time in Czechoslovakia, communists killed approximately 180,000 people.
  • In Poland 1947, communists killed approximately 54,000 people (many survived by hiding in various forests). Also, the Polish legislative election was rigged by the communists. The results were falsified (false number reporting occurred, many votes were destroyed, many forged votes were added) by the "Democratic Bloc" dominated by the communist Polish Workers Party (PPR) and the Polish Socialist Party (PPS). Also, the PPR used activists to terrorize and persecute non-communists until election day, and only the PPR and its allies were allowed to campaign without persecution (similar to actions currently observed in the U.S.).
  • In Romania 1946, communists killed approximately 920,000 people. The Romanian elections were heavily rigged by Communists, and this led to the destruction of their democracy.



The motive of all communist leaders is to eliminate all opposition and subjugate the people under their dictatorship rule. I call upon all of Government to become familiar with and educate the public about communism and their MOTIVES. Communism AKA socialism, is a political, social, and economic philosophy that FAILED almost immediately after its inception. However, when Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels reintroduced it (under the brand "socialism") in 1848, despots quickly realized that it is the fastest way to disarm an enemy and subjugate them under dictatorship rule. In total, communists are responsible for more DEATHS (more than 200 MILLION people), more deaths by forced labor (more than 55 MILLION), more deaths by genocide (more than 60 MILLION), more deaths by massacre (more than 35 MILLION), more SLAVERY, more displaced people, and brought more misery and destruction to the world than any other group or philosophy. In modern times, communism has consistently failed in every country, but still persists in 4-5 countries because they have evolved terrifying and brutal mechanisms to control their populations (energy-rich Venezuela was recently destroyed by communists). Outside of communist countries, communists act as loose collectives, of agenda driven individuals, groups, and nation state actors, engaging in the systematic destruction of democracies, religious institutions and family values, theft of resources, exploitation of opportunities, indoctrination, as well as denial of what most people regard as inalienable rights and foundational values (e.g. such as a belief in freedom and prohibition of slavery, right to personal property, and the right to engage in religious worship). Communists obfuscate themselves and their actions via various tactics and thousands of aliases, under the direction and support of professionals, foreign spies, and financiers. Nevertheless, even their covert actions are relatively easy to recognize, because their behavior, active measures and fact patterns are always in opposition to that which is good for the U.S. and its people.

Communists have slowly engaged in similar activities to destabilize Democracies across the globe and have short-term goals to gain political and territorial superiority in every big city in the U.S. On this point, communist threat conditions in the U.S. have waxed and waned for more than a century and are clearly a management issue (like terrorism), rather than something that can be cured, fixed, or eliminated. At present time, communists have infiltrated our U.S. Government at various levels, are rigging U.S. policies against its people, are manipulating the justice system, are controlling several cities and utilizing them as a safe-haven for the purpose of engaging in guerrilla warfare against our democracy, economy, property, history, values and anyone that comes under their disfavor. They insidiously continue to expand their areas of control, including within our educational institutions, news, social and other communications media, and key organizations. For decades they have been able to go unchecked because they have been successful at systematically target and abolishing anti-subversive laws through litigation and corrupt politicians, eliminated key security entities and congressional sub-committees, and continuously undermine our police and national security capabilities. The communists have also created various militias to terrorize our people and to enforce and protect their own anti-American interests. Many U.S. citizens that despise communists are now capitulating to them out of fear, especially in unions, schools and college campuses.

As nihilists, everything communists touch they corrupt and destroy, and there is no way to pacify them. There is nothing to be proud about being a communist and there is actually no communist-virtue to signal, because the communist rap is all a big trap, (used to destroy Democracies). They create OPPORTUNITY through duplicitous behaviors and actions, telling you one thing then doing another, and they employ disinformation and lies to confuse and unduly influence the public (right is wrong and wrong is right), and their Utopian promises are impossible to keep. They cheat and intentionally create problems, then blame their opposition to gain unfair advantage, divide, then conquer a given community. They also steal from their opposition (redistribution of wealth generally flows to them and their supporters), their promises and agreements cannot be trusted, and they will use and compromise anyone, all for the sake of greater power, and control. Additionally, nothing is sacred, they exploit funerals and legitimate social issues. Also, they take pride in setting bad examples for our children such as indoctrinating and turning children into protesters, while depriving children of appropriate education, opportunity, and the safety that schools generally offer. They conduct themselves this way without conscience because they do not believe in GOD and therefore believe there is no punishment in the afterlife for their misdeeds. They are perfectly willing to do anything that they believe they can get away with and have multiple propaganda apparatuses that will run cover for them when they are caught. Once communists are in power, the lies about a future Utopian existence are discarded, and they work to undermine and eliminate the aspirations and prosperity of the population, subjugate the population to dictatorship rule, coerce complacency to a welfare system and drone existence, rewrite history, and transfer resources to themselves and their minions.

In the last century, Americans have endured every conceivable and insidious adverse idea, employed to influence progress and change towards conditions that are more favorable to a hostile communist takeover. The communist influence is so strong at present time that they are now able to e.g.: convinced U.S. citizens to become Communists and disregard it when their own children are murdered as a result of communist activities, destroy their own safety by dismantling the police, destroy their own society, shutdown the economy and dismantle all hope of a prosperous future. Many also succumb to shame propaganda, discard their U.S. loyalty and (e.g. take a knee at sports events). Therefore, we are under persistent communist undue influence and attack (physical, psychological, and verbal), and their INTOLERABLE ABUSES must be mitigated nationwide. The American people need relief from said communist activities as soon as possible because the aforementioned conditions seen in e.g. Vietnam and Korea beg the question of how long the U.S. can withstand these attacks before there is irreversible damage within the U.S. Let's look at some examples of the dirty tricks and tactics communists have used over time to destroy the U.S. (within the comments section below), so that we do not repeat historic mistakes moving forward.


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