Border Security

Build Heliogen hydogen power plants on the mexican border


Damon Gameau produced a Documentary called 2040. It can be seen on his web site. He talked to the world's leading experts on climate change. My solution described below along with the solutions suggested by the experts will solve the problems listed above. The fossil fuel companies would continue to operate while investing in the solar companies. The transportation companies would be involved also as they convert to the vertical takeoff and landing replacements of ground vehicles .Most of the energy is used by ground transportation. Rapid elimination of ground transportation is the secret to success. Fossil fuel energy companies should partner with the leading hydrogen fuel producing company HELIOGEN backed by Bill Gates to build an array of mirrors( not solar panels) and supporting equipment to produce hydrogen. BURNING HYDROGEN MAKES ABSOLUTELY PURE WATER (H2O) WITH ZERO EMISSIONS that will be stored for personal use and or sale. Everyone knows that the automobile will eventually become obsolete, the only question is when. The answer is NOW with new patented technology. The certainty of global gridlocked roads and the costs of maintaining the roads as the world population increases will accelerate the obsolescence of the automobile and ground transportation. Cars are parked 95% of the day and therefore very inefficient for travel. Verticraft by air is the most efficient way to travel, replacing Uber on the ground. There is no need to own a car since the cost of Verticraft travel is less than owning a car and incredibly faster travel averaging 230 mph. The average person travels 32 miles per day. At four miles per minute the average round trip would be 8 min. Each Verticraft can replace 180 cars. Spending on roads and bridges will not be necessary. Using a system like google maps with altitude, in a 32 mile diameter by 15,000 ft in altitude dome , with 500ft vertical, lateral, and horizontal separation between aircraft, allows 3 million aircraft from A to B every four minutes each on a non intersecting highway in the sky.

The process of phasing out of all vehicles using fossil fuels to hydrogen power could take several years, or as few as 3 years. The existing above ground electrical grid would be moved to the ground therefore making it weather proof to any hurricane or snow storm. A two thousand mile array of mirrors (not solar panels) 3 miles wide on the Mexican border would supply 100% of the US energy requirements, and would also minimize illegal immigration. Verticraft ( US patent 8,505,846) is a VTOL ( vertical takeoff and landing) aircraft that makes all previous designs obsolete. It can be scaled from small package delivery drones to full sized manned aircraft using Honeywell one megawatt generators to run the electric motors or batteries. The generators can be powered by gas or hydrogen when it becomes available. The current VTOL aircraft use 4,6, or 8 propellers and motors that fly sideways through the air very inefficiently. The Verticraft uses 2 props and motors with pivot wings that can't be stalled to take off and land and hover, then fly horizontally using the wings for lift making it more efficient than any other VTOL aircraft. A patent pending version of the Verticraft ( requiring an NDA ) maintains the fuselage level at all times and has an estimated noise level for takeoff and landing of 50 dB which is nearly SILENT.



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