Border Security

Borders violated by U.S. Government elected officials

FACTS ! US elected officials have been the internal downfall to border security. The elected officials that take seats in Washington DC knowingly open our border security through voting and vetoing in the opposite direction of the crisis of what it takes to secure our borders. FACT: Bill Clinton knowingly opened foreign trade with Mexico. The worse part of this endeavor of his is that when it became more and more evident that the open border policy wasn't working he further chose to NOT change the course of his action.INSTEAD, Clinton honored the Mexican trade over American job security and futures by offering tax breaks to American companies to set up their corporations in Mexico. Clinton further disgraced our country by NOT making steps to keep Mexican immigrants from invading our health system, and this reflected by demolishing the American hospitals to close.Clinton had 2 terms and made the economic decision in favor of all other countries other than our own every time. NOW speed forward to Barrack Obama. Obama destroyed the security of our nation by turning the start of the Mexican/US border wall into a revolving door. The wall existed and even some construction continued because he didn't want to alert Americans of his desire to violate Border Security. Obama put gaps and doors for illegal immigration criminals and terrorists to transcend whenever and however they wanted. When he was questioned, Obama decided to take aim at the funding of the wall, the funding of our Military, and when the opportunity raised he allowed 750,000 UNDOCUMENTED Syrian immigrants into the US under the reason of humanitarian effort. These "immigrants" were allowed in from Syria that has been known to be the "hot bed" as the Terrorist world. THIS is a "Trojan Horse" that Obama opened our castle gates to. Hillary Clinton was the Head of the State Department that corroborated this action. The above information is verifiable and factual should one decide to argue the evidence. I beg you to research the above topic. How can we possibly grow as a viable "super power". an economic giant, and a secure nation when we have our own elected espionage working against what we stand for ?????



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