Border Security

Border Wall

Ideal Border Wall:

Drones patrol in air & ground from fixed CP

Sniper posts on US side connected to same CP

ED 209 style robots for Security ( see RoboCop movie)

Armed motorbike patrols

Armed horse patrols near ranchers land on US side

Rear area barracks & yard for USBP & ICE

Fixed sensors near Wall.

Pungi sticks on US side.

Reward Fund for MS 13 etc.

OK motorcycle gangs in Mexico to mess up drug cartels.

X% from trade to Mexico funds wall.

Wall is prefab to produce.

Reuse VietnamRiverine boats on Rio Grande with updated arms & radio.

Airbase for Copters & Gunships AC 130 for USBP/ICE

Training center for USBP at Ft Irwin CA.

Immigration Detention Center in rear area & roads to FEMA camps north into the US.

Raze mtns & hills to hide camoflouge for illegals.

Rotate USBP guards

Food services outsource for USBP wallguards

IR & Nightscope for guards.

Hot Line to Mex City to Wash DC.



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