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Border Security

I am a retired Industrial Engineer who has recently been working with solar developers wanting to lease my farms in Virginia for a commercial Solar Farm development. I am for securing the US Southern border, but concerned about the cost and efficiency. One thing the US Government may consider for securing remote parts of the border is a public private partnership of continuous line of connected standard solar farms. These farms don’t have to be right on the border line, just in the border area to block through routes for smuggling. Currently all solar farms are surrounded by good chain link and barb wire fences for safety purposes. The solar developments on government land could provide revenue to the taxpayer. Private Land in that desert area probably does not produce much return per acre. A commercial solar farm would pay the land owner hundreds per acre, incenting most owners to take the best return. Eminent Domain may need to be used for reluctant land owners.

In order for this plan to work the US or State Government would need to get involved to either fund or encourage the building of the electrical grid infrastructure to get the electricity to the areas where it would be consumed (Southern California, Phoenix, Tucson, El Paso, etc.) Some electricity could even be sold to Mexico.

This continuous border solar farm plan would reduce the area the Border Patrol would have to closely monitor and provide more help to spot signs of smuggling and provide humanitarian assistance to people in distress. It will also open up roads with private money for Border Patrol to utilize.

Politically most people would support a solar development more than a border wall and it will reduce the cost to the taxpayers while accomplishing the same result of a safer USA.



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