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Best Practice Locations For COVID-19 Pop Up Vaccination Clinics In Areas With Low Vaccination Rates

Research has found that McDonald's Restaurants have become popular social gathering spots in both low income and middle income neighborhoods.  People gather at these McDonald's locations for activities as diverse as Bingo games and Prayer Groups.  DHS/FEMA and their COVID-19 Vaccination Program partners should explore forming a partnership with McDonald's Corporation to use Center For Disease Control (CDC) and John Hopkins University research data that outlines the community areas in the U.S. that have the lowest Covid vaccination rates and cross-reference that data with GIS mapping pinpointing the McDonald's locations in the same community neighborhoods.  This compiled data could be used to select McDonald's locations to set up pop up Covid vaccination clinics in partnership with McDonald's.  McDonald's could be asked if they would be amenable to forming such a partnership that could be both very beneficial to saving lives and enhancing opportunities for McDonald's to exercise corporate philanthropy.  The McDonald's Corporation has demonstrated over many decades that they excel at marketing promotion campaigns and their advertising expertise could be utilized to promote a vaccination campaign that included coupons for free items from their menu given out to everyone who gets a Covid vaccination at one of these pop up clinics.


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