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Backing to our Normal life prior to Covid-19

I do have a very simple idea to bring all people back to their own normal life, the same life that they had prior to the Covid-19. I need to discuss my idea with scientists in the area of chemistry. We need to have a government funds to complete the research and manufacture to make a completely new product that will be unique and has never been made before. Currently all or may be majority of scientists that are involved in the Covid-19 are trying to develop a vaccine to make our immune system able to fight and destroy the Covid-19 virus. We all know Covid-19 vaccination is not a total answer to the problem due to change of the characteristic of the virus. I believe that continuation of research and development of the Covid-19 vaccination is an excellent idea but is not a total and complete answer to the problem. We know about this fact due to change of characteristic of the virus the same as Flu's virus, the vaccination does not protect us of not getting infected again with a new format of the Flu virus.

My education and expertise are in the area of mathematics,computer science, Operation Research/Feasibility study. I can be reached via my email. Sterling Mansoori


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