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Background Review for National Music, Films, Television Continuity

I am concerned that national publishing is highly controlled daily event that demonstrates awareness and knowledge of continuity to industry insiders that mocks up and performs work that corresponds with sources that are left uncreditied and unexamined. The source of media is often suspicious and sinister insofar as the character traits that express contintiuity and re-creations of past works all focus on the success of people who are nothing greater than controlled by groups who accept criminal intention or provide permission to control and distort worldviews that aim to prevent the success of people who socialize opinions and attitudes of people who punish criminal intention in others through informal conformity to the rule of law and knowledge of natural and civil justice. In other words, Homeland Security should profile and maintain records of media for purposes of performing the same continuity work as media producers whose trade secrets center on depictions of people who are working sedition and rebellion against cooperation with civil defence, most likely the source of historical slavery suffered by groups who work for nothing and accept injustice and criminal work as an alternative to and the consequence of legal planning and community.

In short, legal staff recognition of opinions and attitudes of language conditions and private controls over the media that work in favor of criminal character groups on purpose, as part of larger group intention to evade accountability and control media and other supports built to pressure people to accept injustice and fraud out the popularlity of conformity to the acceptance of injustice leading toward crimes against humanity, human trafficking, and death pressured slave work. To study the operation of a political criminal character worm within the national publishing industry of the USA and Canada, from Keystone Pictures to Universal City Studios, from Capital Records to Island Records.



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