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The population must be vaccinated against COVID-19 [1], and we must counter COVID-19 anti-vaccine propaganda.



COVID-19 has killed >250,000 people, is killing a thousand people per day, has wrecked our way of life, caused $Trillions in economic losses, and brought our country to Net-0 growth.



A vaccine is a major component of the solution because it will immunize the population, preventing severe if any symptoms in most people. Eventually the vaccine will enable herd immunity. Specifically, in most virus outbreaks, once >60-70% of the population is immune, the virus cannot sustain an infection rate great enough for there to be new major outbreaks.



Idiots and enemies of humanity are trying to keep us perpetually sick and/or locked-down in the U.S. As such, individuals and groups are flooding the internet with anti-vaccine propaganda, and other false information. One of the most disturbing of the propaganda is this PSYOPS vaccination video, analyzed below (and attached to this topic).



I call upon all of Government to stop COVID-19 anti-vaccination propaganda by all appropriate means including, EO's, administrative rules, other Federal and State policy and fiats, and Statutorily where possible.



Operation Warp Speed facilitated a whole of government approach to the war against COVID-19 and provided a variety of resources and capabilities enabling rapid creation of 4 vaccines (by the 4 best pharmaceutical companies in the world*). Said operation including e.g.: billions of dollars, military and testing personnel, the most advanced technologies, facilitated collaboration (i.e. with Oxford U) and coordination, logistics, and expedited FDA safety testing and approvals. As a result, said four vaccines will be brought to market, two in December 2020 distributed to vulnerable people and essential workers, then by April 2021 all vaccinations will be offered to the rest of the population. Our beloved military stands in a high state of readiness to execute rapid distribution.



Countering our Governments endeavor, enemies act to delay, deny and thwart mass vaccination, with the goal of preventing our population from being immunized. Emerging anti-vaccination propaganda ranges from as simple as a mass-posting of statements like "I'm not getting vaccinated" to the sophisticated anti-vaccination propaganda video attached to this post. Said sophisticated video (provided below) appears to serve the purpose of generating mass hysteria, driving a wedge between people with religious values (~85% of our population) and our government's endeavors to vaccinate the public against COVID-19. The example video provided below is fraudulent for the following reasons:

I. IMPOSSIBLE STRATEGY - The video describes a theoretical vaccination that allegedly will turn a religious fanatic into a normal person via immunization in conjunction with respiratory viruses (Flu or Rhinovirus). As with all hoaxes, the gene therapy proposal within this video is impossible, dangerous if not deadly, and the data does not support the alleged use or outcome.

II. SPECIFIC FALSE FACTS – The video implies that COVID-19 is a pretext enabling shadowy figures to inject populations globally with "FUNVAX" (discussed below), which is absurd. The video reports that "Bill Gates" is giving a "Briefing to CIA" in 2005. However, the faces of all attendees are obscured beyond identification. Nevertheless, the individual presenting does not look or sound like Bill Gates, (nor sound like Dean Hamer**). Furthermore, Bill Gates dropped out of college in undergrad, he is not a doctor of immunology, nor virologist, nor capable of giving MEDINT briefs. Additional specific information given below:

a. Project Name: FUNVAX (vaccine for religious fundamentalism). The facts show that FUNVAX does not exist outside of fictional theories likely originating from "The God Gene" book.

b. FUNVAX Target: VMAT2 Gene – AKA "The God gene," was a sales stunt (to sell a book) that hypothesizes human spirituality is influenced by hereditary expression of a gene called vesicular monoamine transporter 2 (VMAT2), and predisposes humans towards religious fanaticism. The video alleges that VMAT2 levels are higher in religious than in non-religious persons. But the facts show there is no data supporting this allegation.

c. False Theory and Science: The presentation discusses a method of targeting and vaccinating against the overexpression of VMAT2 genes in brain cells of the right middle frontal gyrus, (that are allegedly common in religious fanatics). The first mistake that the presentation makes, is the assumption that VMAT2 expression ONLY occurs in the brain – e.g. VMAT2 expression also occurs in neurons of the central and peripheral sympathetic nervous systems, the adrenal medulla, and elsewhere. Specifically, nerve and adrenal function would be damaged by exposure to the alleged FUNVAX vaccination). Also, attacking VMAT2 expression would upset the entire body's neurochemistry including: catecholamine and serotonin levels in CNS, and the way by which the entire body produces and regulates noradrenergic, serotoninergic, and histaminergic products, stores dopamine, and the associated responses. The video also makes the mistake of characterizing the anterior insula structure/function as producing a "disgust" or "displeasure on hearing something religious" as a response to religion (in the video). In reality, said insular region is complex and interconnected to regions in the temporal and occipital lobe, opercular and orbitofrontal cortex, triangular and opercular parts of the inferior frontal gyrus, and is involved in empathy and compassion, disgust, fear (via a particularly large input from the central nucleus of the amygdala), anxiety, happiness, various perceptions (via the basal part of the ventral medial nucleus of the thalamus), self-awareness, cognitive functioning, and interpersonal experience. There is no clear reproducible way to distinguish a disgust response from other brain responses that might light-up activity in this area of the brain (in an image study shown in the video). Verbal (religion) and motion cues would be ineffective. Additionally, the right middle frontal gyrus structure/function was falsely reported in the video to involve "theory of mind (ToM), intents, beliefs and desires." In reality, ToM is more associated with e.g. right side precuneus, mPFC, and temporo-parietal junction (not isolated to one region as in the video). Also, said right middle frontal gyrus is the site where the dorsal and ventral attention networks converge and must not be targeted for removal because it plays an important role in controlling and reorienting attentional activities including reactions to visual stimuli. A vaccine targeting this area could disrupt orientation and motor functions.

d. Study Methods: The FMRI (BRAIN) is the correct image study. RTPCR The "Real-time polymerase chain reaction" expression discussed in the video (Reverse transcription or quantitative methods invented in 1983) are primarily used to measure the amount of a specific RNA sequence in a sample. Otherwise no other study methods are given. VMAT2 expression can more adequately be studied, using imaging of tagged neurochemical, biochemical, cell biological, and immunohistochemical evidence.

III. VIDEO AUTHENTICITY - The video is wiped of metadata. The creators of the video likely desired to obscure authentication.



The public must not listen to individuals or groups engaging in COVID-19 anti-vaccine propaganda. The COVID-19 vaccination will decrease and eventually end our vulnerability to sever disease resulting from COVID-19 exposure. If offered, I'd be happy to receive the vaccination, as these companies that created the vaccine are the best in the world. This example video (among other counter-vaccination activities) are false propaganda designed to scare people from getting vaccinated. The same enemies of humanity that tell the public not to take the vaccine will no doubt try to steal it and vaccinate themselves and their own country. We need all of Government to ensure that the greatest quantity of our population willingly receives the COVID-19 vaccination, and to take measures to prevent unfounded delays, denials, and dissent.





*COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers are: GlaxoSmithKline PLC (NYSE: GSK), Pfizer (NYSE: PFE), Merck (NYSE: MRK) and Sanofi SA (NYSE: SNY).

**Dean Hamer is a scientist and the writer of the book God Gene, and who's theory may be exploited in this video.



[1] Hussain, A., Ali, S., Ahmed, M., & Hussain, S. (2018). The Anti-vaccination Movement: A Regression in Modern Medicine. Cureus, 10(7), e2919. Retrieved from:;


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