Border Security

Animal Reserves on Area in between Mexico and America

I think that one way to reduce the illegal entry of individuals on to America would be through designating the areas around the border wall as National Parks. This way would help turn the economy of that area into something positive such as visitors coming in to take the views and pay to access the parks. We could use the border area to house endangered animals; in this way if there is any illegal activity including the hunting of these animals; then we could make the people who do this pay huge fines since if they murder one of these animal's they would be designated animals that are endangered so the penalties would be much higher which would make people think twice before trying to enter through those areas. If we allow endangered animals to roam through this area then if someone did try hopping over the fence they would be confronted by endangered animals which by law they would not be able to harm because if they did they would have to pay huge fines. Basically this gives illegal border crossers two choices: either get attacked by one of these animals and get injured or get attacked by one of these animals and fight back but then have to pay a huge fine since they are endangered animals. In this way the endangered animals would be protecting the area around the border while also being protected by the endangered animals designation. I think this would be a great win-win situation. The maintenance of these areas around the border wall for these animals would be gotten from people who wish to enter these areas to take in the views and watch the animals but they would have to pay a visitor fee; the same as entering a national park. This would also bring tourism to the areas around the border which would help the economy. If someone drives to the border region to take in the views they will also need to eat so they would most likely eat at one of the businesses & restaurants around the border area. This is very much needed due to the heavy toll that COVID has taken on hospitality industries; particularly restaurants. When there are huge store fronts and a thriving economy then we would be turning the area around the border wall to a livable space. Once the area becomes livable and lively then drug dealing, people smuggling, human trafficking, and other illegal activities will quickly disappear and be replaced by legitimate storefronts and businesses which could then be taxed by the government. Legal activities get taxed while illegal activities do not so it is in the best interests of the government for this area to thrive. This would also help drive up home prices and improve schools in the area. The areas around the border currently are dilapidated so turning these places into thriving areas would also diminish crime substantially as this method has been shown to be effective; it is called the Broken windows theory: This is defneinitley an idea that one should think about & possibly consider.


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