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                  August 4, 2021

Dear Sir or Ma'am,

I write to my Elected Officials today with a tired mind due to the fact that after watching the drone video tape of the illegal immigrants flooding across our border I could not sleep all night. I am disgusted with your lack of effort, lack of care, lack of love for the United States of America and its citizens.

You sit on your thumbs and worry about Coronavirus masks as we watched thousands of people come across our borders. Infiltrated with criminals, gang members, and diseases, these people enter my country because you look the other way. As a citizen of the USA I had to be tested for coronavirus before I could come home from another country. If I had tested positive, I would have had to quarantine in that country. These illegal immigrants maybe get tested, maybe not, but even if they test positive they are allowed to quarantine in the USA. Where do they quarantine, who checks on them or do they even go there? These people are flooding into our cities without control. Our Border Patrol Agents are painstakingly trying to defend our country and property. You offer no back up, you do nothing, there is no plan.

Why is this happening? There are countless resolutions but you do nothing, you have no plan. Only one reason…you don't care about our country or us, the citizens of the United States. You care more about the illegal immigrants than you do the citizens. You care more about your politics and being reelected. You should be ashamed. I am disgusted.

Angry USA Citizen,


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