Election Security

Absentee Voter Ballots Lack of Unique Voter Identifier - Potential Voter Fraud and Equal Protection Clause Violations

The ballots for absentee voting may not meet the "intent of the voter" standard under the Equal Protection Clause.

The absentee voter ballot used, for example in Maryland and other states, has a great chance for accidental errors and intentional errors, or fraud in that

-Absentee voters receive no receipt to ensure their votes were counted as intended and not changed or lost or delayed during the delivery and counting process; and

-The absentee voter ballot itself, in Maryland for example, apparently has no security feature on it to prevent fraud.

With regard to security features, the ballot itself appears to lack a unique voter identity identifier on it and relies instead on the unique voter identifier on the envelope in which the ballot sent.

The envelope may be lost, destroyed, or attached to another ballot other than that during the delivery and counting process. A ballot without a unique voter identity identifier on it is useless for audit and court challenge purposes.

Remedy: Receipts to absentee voters and unique voter identity identifier on the absentee voter ballot its.





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