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4/2/2021 Today's Date

Bike Safety Really Kind of Simple Idea I Know the technology is already out there WHY Cant We Make Rubber Bike & automobile

tire's that Seal themselves if You Ride or Drive over a Nail or a Screw or If You Ride over a Piece of Broken GLass & WHY Do those dumb people who Drink and Drive toss their GLass Beer Bottle's out of their Vehicles on to the Sidewalk where People Walk & Ride Bikes I have been Navigating around alot of Broken Beer Bottles that some Jerk has been has been throwing out of his Truck Window I Guess he is trying to make me get a flat tire in CRESTWOOD ILLinois when the Jerk tried to Run me over the other Day I Reported him the Police & I Think that ANYBODY Who throws their bottles and trash out of their moving or Parked Vehicle should be Fined $1000.00 Dollars that's why the Street Light Camera's are So Important & ALSO Put a ELECTRONIC BUG ZAPPER Between those New LED Street Light to electrocute & ZAPP the Mosquito's that carry Illness & Disease's the West Nile Virus the Zeeka Virus & Probably the mosquito's also transmit's the Corona Covid Virus anyway as AMERICANS WE SHOULD BE DOING A BETTER JOB to Dispose of OUR Garbage Recycle the GLass & the PLastic have a dedicated Garbage Dumpster One for GLASS & Another for PLastic's Let Face it and Burn Our Regular Garbage at the Dumps & that Smoke will also Drive away the Flys and gnats everybody need to Learn to pick up after themselves Today 4/2/2021 I Visited MY Local Walmart in CRESTWOOD ILLinois I Did not go inside today though when I Rode MY Electric Powered Bike around the back of the Walmart Store the Area was CLean except for a bunch of paper bags being blown around in the Wind though Behind MENARDS behind that WOODEN Fence there is Tons of Garbage being trapped between their back Fence and the Local Cemetery & by the Two Dumpsters Behind Walmart with the Lids CLosed and Locked I Seen a HUGE FOUR LEGGED RAT trying to Climb in to the Two Dumpsters when it seen Me it RAN into the Cemetery THAT SUCKER WAS HUGE So I told a Walmart employee to Notify management and to tell the Night Crew Workers to Be Careful on the Night Shift even though that HUGE RAT was out in broad day Light those DAMN RATS Carry Disease and I Think they have a Nest under the Ground at that CEMETERY ANYWAY GOD BLESS AMERICA I AM MR MiCHAEL THOMAS ORTiZ THE POET IN CRESTWOOD ILLinois ALSO WE NEED TO MODIFY THE FRONT END OF POICE CARS & TRUCKS PUT A HOOK CLAW DEVICE ON THE FRONT OF POLICE CARS AND TRUCKS THAT WILL GRAB ON THE THE REAR END OF THE VEHICLES BECAUSE THE BAD GUYS THEY ALWAYS TRY to SPEED AWAY FOR the COPS & MY IDEA WILL STOP A LOT OF HIGH SPEED CHASES though untiL then Keep Using the Pit Man oover hahahaha YEP I AM STILL SINGLE STILL WHITE & STILL HAVE NOT FOUND ONE GOOD LADY TO LOVE & PROTECT & I AM STILL AMERICAN CITIZEN



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