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I have a idea that will get bipartisan support for a BILL to "Build the Wall", deal with ALL the "Illegal Immigrants" , men, women and the "dreamers" and that automatically does away with Sanctuary Cities!


Make a "one time" offer to all illegals immigrants (men, women and dreamers) and give them "ALL" the chance to become legal citizens, not just the millions that the sanctuary cities are threatening to give citizenship to!


The "BILL" would offer illegal immigrants a "one time" opportunity to come forward and file for citizenship during a allotted period of time. Use the normal process to file then get in line like everyone else. They however will be allowed to continue to remain in the U.S. as long as they "are and remain in good standing with the law", and "find a employment , work or go to school during this long process". The "LEFT" get much more than just the "dreamers" they wanted to become citizens, dramatically reduce the financial strain on assistance programs as they now work, produce tax revenue from working, it gives us a more accurate census of how many are actually here, and it softens this very heated political atmosphere right now and that in and over sanctuary cities!


In bipartisan support of this BILL the Right gets "Full Funding" for the Border Wall to protect our borders from criminal activity, terrorist trying to enter and keeping those deported from re-entering the U.S..


This should completely dissolve any further need for Sanctuary Cities as they become irrelevant and extinguishes this very heated and controversial issue!


It also gives the opportunity for both sides of the House and Senate to come together and work in normal bipartisan manner and lower the tensions between the parties and our country! It gives both sides something they both wanted and then some! This could hopefully be the catalyst to end the 180 degree opposition to one another and bring our country back together and open the door for congress to work together to solve other issue.


Wall construction would also offer new jobs to those who will need them.


Sincerely, Todd (Helping to Making America Great Again at ground level)



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